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-IT Innovation Lab Programme in Secondary Schools-

Strengthening popular science education and “Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics” (STEM) education are among the eight major areas to promote I&T development put forth by the Chief Executive in her 2017 Policy Address. In this Internet-driven digital age, IT is a common technology in I&T development. With the wide adoption of IT across different areas and sectors, the demand for IT talent in various industries is strong and ever-increasing. We must enhance the interest of young people (including secondary school students) in IT and innovative thinking and foster an IT learning atmosphere to encourage them to choose technology-related tertiary education programmes and pursue an I&T career in the future.

The Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) conducted an interim review on Enriched IT Programme in Secondary Schools (EITP) in the second half of 2018, and consulted stakeholders including teachers, students and their parents of the participating schools, secondary school councils, tertiary institutions, the IT industry and IT-education related associations. The stakeholders generally agreed that students’ participation in IT activities outside classroom learning helped arouse their interest in learning IT and cultivate their creativity and logical thinking. They generally hoped that the programme could be extended to all schools in order to strengthen and promote popular IT education.


The OGCIO implements the “IT Innovation Lab in Secondary Schools” (IT Innovation Lab) initiative under the existing “Enriched IT Programme in Secondary Schools” (EITP) to provide funding support of up to $1 million in the three school years from 2020/21 to 2022/23 for each publicly funded secondary school to upgrade their IT equipment and facilities and organise IT-related activities.

Reference from : https://www.it-lab.gov.hk/

-Scope of curriculum-


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Application on Virtual Reality 

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Application on IoT (Internet of Things)

-Frequently asked questions-



Q : Who is eligible for the application of the IT Innovation Lab funding ?

A : The applicant must be a publicly-funded secondary school, including government, aided, caput secondary schools and secondary schools under the Direct Subsidy Scheme (DSS).


Q : How to apply this programme ?

A : Applicant schools may submit their applications through online submission by an annual plan within the programme period.


IT Innovation Lab Programme : https://www.it-lab.gov.hk/tc/application.php

Applicant schools should state clearly in the annual plan the proposed IT-related activities, hardware, software, infrastructure, cloud services as well as the operating expenses, administrative cost and estimated cashflow required. The details of how the procured IT equipment and professional services will be utilised to organise suitable IT-related activities should be included.


After the activities have been conducted, participating schools are required to submit an annual report on the details of the activities conducted, and the expenditure and usage of the procured equipment and services together with the next year’s annual plan by August annually.

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