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-Theme of Contest-

Chinese Culture

Positive thinking

-Aim of the Competition-

To enhance student's expression skills, creativity, decision-making and their teamwork

Inspiring student's interest in information technology through open contest

-Competition Categories-


Parents-child Division

    Kindergarten 2 - 3 students with parents


KS1 Divison

    Primary 1 - 3 students


KS2 Division

    Primary 4 - 6 students

-Schedule and Deadline for Competition-

Deadline of work submission

17 June 2022

Announcement of result and Price Award ceremony

12 August 2022


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-How to join-


- Deadline of work submission is 17 June 2022. All participants must submit their works with application form to the executive body by school.

- The executive body of this contest will provide seminars and related workshops to participants. Participants who are interested in those activities could enroll here.

- Quota are limited and based on first-come, first served basis, all interested parties are welcomed. (The executive body will adopt face-to-face / online / hybrid method to host the seminars / workshop, according to the epidemic. Details of above activities will be announced soon.)


-Requirement of submission-

Maximum 1-minute video

The video must be presented by stop motion animation

Video format: 1920 x 1080p (mp4), 16:9 (must be shot in landscape orientation)

The size of video must not exceed 2GB

Video must upload to online platform (Google Drive or YouTube)

*Participants need to ensure that the link is valid.
Invalid link or corrupted video will not be rated



- The first Jury Panel is composed of senior educators, media workers and workers from film industry. 15 works will be shortlisted by the first Jury Panel in each category through discussion.

- The final Jury Panel is composed of the representatives of the Smart City Consortium, senior film industry workers, educators and media workers. 6 winner will be selected by the final Jury Panel in each category through discussion *Scores will not be disclosed.

-Assessment Criteria-​​

- Shooting (30%) - Action coherence, animation stability

- Plot (20%) - Plot arrangement, theme ideas, story fluency

- Art (20%) - Character design, scene layout, composition

- Creativity - (20%) Innovation

- Narration - (10%) volume, articulation, emotion



-Requirement of work-​​


​- The video must related to Tublock blocks (which could be assorted by other materials).

- The video could be edited by any software.

- The submitted works must indicate the name, school and class of the participants.

Participants are required to record narration for the film. The narration could be record in Cantonese, English and Mandarin, subtitles are optional.

- Video should be named.

- Special effects will not be graded.

- Soundtracks in video are optional. If the soundtracks have been used, the participants must confirm that they own the intellectual property rights of the soundtrack, and indicate the authorized music in the video. Participants will be disqualified if the video involve copyright infringement, legal responsibility and claims raised by the video would be borne by the participants themselves.


-Rules of contest-​​

1. Work must be original. If there is any act of plagiarism or copyright infringement, the relevant responsibilities will be borne by the participants themselves.

2. Work must not been participated in other competitions.

3. Violence, pornography or any controversial and inappropriate content should not be presented in the work.

4. Once submitted, it means that the participants are clearly understand and agree to the regulations of the contest.

5. Late submissions and incomplete work will not be rated.

6. The organizer reserves the right to handle to the submitted work. Submitted work will not be returned.

7. The organizer reserves the right to revise all regulations, rules and announcements related to the event. The organizer has the final decision on all arrangements for this event, and participants shall not object.

For any enquiries, please contact the staff of the executive body during office hours

(1000-1730, Monday to Friday, except public holidays). 


Tel: 2558 8430

WhatsApp: 91406929