"PLAY is the highest form of RESEARCH"

-Albert Einstein

-Why PRISTER ? -


The name PRISTER is embedded with the name of the founders, Ms PRIScilla Hui and Mr TERrence Hui. The two founders are siblings from a family with decades of development in toy manufacturing and business. Unlimited toys from the factory allowed them becoming toy testers. They played and studied lots of innovative and educational toys which were created by their parents. With the ‘STEM’ background, they decided to inspire children learning creatively and develop their potentials.

PRISTER is proud to present to you our hero products Mochi, Cubico, Tublock, Marty The Robot, and TEMI. We are a sole distributor in Hong Kong specializing in educational and interdisciplinary STEAM products and services to fulfill the needs of schools and children from different cultural backgrounds. Children aged between 3-12 will benefit from boundless opportunities to Explore and Experience from our STEAM products.

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PRISTER has been deeply cultivated in the business and educational field for several years

and has won the trust of many international brands.

We will continue to improve our product in the future.


Our vision

Bring happiness and joy to every family and child.

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Our value

We are not only distributors, but also want to be your partners.


Our mission

Bring innovative and interesting educational toys to our children.

-Words from the founder-


-PRISTER's Trait-


       Willing to keep exploring



       Finish tasks with responsibilities 


      Be creative and make new ideas


       Growing up with good character 


       Being energetic all the time


       Be smart and clever


       Be a sensible and observant person

I have been a "toy tester" since I was a child, and my parents would bring the toys they developed to me, so that I could experience the joy brought by the toys and evaluate the quality of the toys. I am often curious about the structure of the toys, so I disassemble them and study them. I am afraid that my parents will scold me for breaking the toys. Every time I try my best to restore the toys. Perhaps it is the toys that brought me a special childhood. I have always hoped to bring toys and happiness to every child. I believe that during play, children can develop their infinite potential and learn more knowledge that is not mentioned in textbooks.

My brother and I established PRISTER in 2017 with the hope of realizing my ideal. At an event, a mother asked me, "Can your product allow my child to get 100 marks?" I was stunned at the moment. Is the growth of children only learning? As a mother of two children, I can't deny the importance of schoolwork, but that's not all. I want my children to know that their mother loves them, values them, and provides them with a caring environment. Compared with grades, I care more about the children's character, establishing correct values, and exploring more unknown things.

Our courses may not give your children full marks, but they will definitely train them to be PRISTER people!


-Our milestone-


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Over 140 report from media

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Held over 350 workshop in Hong Kong

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Provide innovative 
education services to over 120,000 students

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Partnered with 170 schools

圖片 3_edited_edited_edited.png

General agent on eight brands

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90 online and offline channel of distribution