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Face-to-face courses,
Interactive learning with students

- STEM Features-

 STEAM teaching aids

Lessons involve interesting educational aids

such as Mochi, Cubico, Tublock and Marty the Robot,

to encourage and motivate students 

In-class quiz

Short quizzes are provided in each class to ensure students understand the content of the class and to assess learning outcomes

Video homework

The course requires students to shoot short videos to introduce their own works, encouraging them to share their own works and ideas

- Courses of STEM-

Cirriculum path (1).png

Essential Skills for the 21st Century - 6C

Entering the 21st century, education should not stop at traditional method...


Standing on the shoulders of giants, our predecessors have accumulated countless wealth of knowledge for us, but we must innovate, not just keep silent

Critical Thinking

Children are in the era of information explosion.

How to analyze and extract reliable and useful information from society, and apply it to life or problem-solving is what children need to learn.

Communication skills

In today's society, communication with people is indispensable, and we communicate with people for different purposes, which can be informing, persuading, discussing, motivating, guiding, etc. How to effectively use writing, listening, and conversation to achieve these purposes is a child's required courses

Character Development (Character)

Good character takes a lot of time and effort to build. In various challenges, children's characteristics are particularly important.


"One arrow is easy to break, but ten arrows are hard to break". Unity is always better than fighting alone, but it is not always possible to solve problems with a large number of people. Only by understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each person in the group, you could find the most suitable way of cooperation


Under globalization, it is difficult for children to avoid contact with other cultures. Only by learning to respect cultural differences and understand international knowledge, they connect with the surrounding environment, and be in line with international standards.


-Past activities-

~Classes on S.K.H. St. James' Primary School ~


~Workshop on Ling To Catholic Primary School


~Class on Leung Sing Tak Primary School~

~Marty Fun Day on Kowloon Bay Saint John the Baptist Catholic Primary School~

~Summer courses on Yan Chai Hospital Choi Hin To Primary School~


-Media Report-

common problem

Why does STEM education need to be cultivated from an early age?

STEM education (STEM early childhood curriculum, STEM primary school curriculum, STEM middle school curriculum) must be cultivated from an early age. At the early childhood stage, because children are not yet independent in social, emotional, cognitive, language and physical, PRISTER provides STEM kindergarten courses with life-oriented, sensory exploration and interesting learning experiences. It is the goal of every STEM early childhood course designer.


What colorful STEM teaching aids does PRISTER have?

PRISTER introduces Mochi, a Montessori educational aid for STEM kindergarten programs. Mochi can maximize the effect of STEM kindergarten programs. The reason is that by reading Mochi's theme books and completing STEM kindergarten curriculum tasks, children can exercise their big and small muscles, computational thinking, programming concepts, logical thinking, operating symbols, etc.


What outstanding STEM courses does PRISTER have?

A STEM preschool curriculum designed for young children is Cubico. Children can learn about sequences from Cubico's STEM curriculum, and they can learn more through Cubico's STEM preschool curriculum. When children enter the primary school stage, since primary school students have acquired a basic understanding of life in some STEM kindergarten courses. Therefore, more emphasis is placed on the development of information literacy education and positive education in the STEM primary school curriculum. Students can learn about multiple knowledge in different subjects. Schools should combine multiple knowledge to enhance the development of primary school students in STEM education. At present, most primary schools in Hong Kong have added Micro:bit and various programming languages to the curriculum of STEM primary schools. In line with the world, to provide students with the best primary STEM education.  


At what stage should STEM courses begin to be practical?

When a child enters the teenage stage, as the mind gradually becomes mature. Therefore, the STEM middle school curriculum can focus on practicality, increase the interaction of students in middle school STEM education, and the scalability and feasibility of the project. Education should not stop at traditional subject knowledge, we must design the best teaching materials for students with the six skills of the 21st century.


What are the characteristics of PRISTER's STEM curriculum?

Our ​STEM courses mainly use interesting and educational teaching tools, such as Mochi, Cubico, Tublock and Marty, to make students more engaged in the classroom. The company's STEM courses all provide online and offline activities. Students can choose the appropriate STEM course according to their own progress and time. In addition, each class is equipped with a short quiz to ensure that students understand the content of the class and to help evaluate the learning effect.