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Terms of use

Welcome to the PristerAcademy (hereinafter referred to as "the company) online shopping store, to provide you with a happier and complete shopping journey. We will set out the following terms of use to give you a clearer understanding of the terms of use of the company's online shopping store. When you browse the company's online shopping store, it means that you have accepted and abide by the relevant terms and conditions. You must assess and bear all the content and related risks in the use of this online shopping store, and the company reserves the relevant terms and conditions to change Or change the right without notice.

Minors or persons who are incapable of legal responsibility shall not use any services that require the provision of personal or family member information without the accompaniment of the user's parent or guardian. Once you use it, you will be responsible for the terms of this website on behalf of the user’s parent or guardian. The company has no responsibility and obligation to verify any user’s age or capacity.

The company's online shopping store is owned and operated by PristerAcademy, and any terms of use related to the company's online shopping store also apply to PristerAcademy employees.

User Code

Users are not allowed to post any abusive, violent, slanderous, obscene, or defamatory language on this platform. If a violation of this code is found, the company reserves the right to delete such content.

When using this platform, you agree to ensure that your user name and password are properly stored, and all activities and decisions made in the account are responsible. PristerAcademy will not be liable for any losses caused by users who fail to comply with this clause.

Our trademarks, service marks and copyright

The company's trademarks and service marks belong to PristerAcademy, and we will reserve all rights to recover unauthorized use. All pictures, designs, logos, service marks and trademarks in the company's online shopping store (pristeracademy.com) cannot be used for any commercial or non-commercial purposes without PristerAcademy's permission. In addition, all trademarks, product names, company names and logos appearing in the company's online shopping store are the exclusive property of PristerAcademy. The contents of all the company's online shopping stores include but are not limited to designs, articles, pictures, logos, buttons, images, software, and sound materials. Any modification, extraction, collection, reorganization and assembly are protected by Hong Kong and international copyright industry and any applicable intellectual property laws.



The company must make every effort to ensure that the prices, information and quantities of the goods listed on the website have been updated. The company reserves the right to change the price and quantity of the goods without prior notice. All order content must be determined by the company at its sole discretion and accepted according to the inventory supply. If any goods are out of stock and cannot be provided to customers, we will notify you by phone or email before the delivery date you requested, and our company will make a final confirmation based on the availability of the relevant goods in the order.

Prister Academy will carry out promotional activities from time to time, and all promotional activities provided shall comply with the requirements of current laws and regulations. Prister Academy reserves the right to modify, suspend or terminate these requirements or terms and conditions at any time, and can also withdraw the offer at its own discretion without notice

In case of any dispute, Prister Academy reserves the right of final interpretation.